Steve Jobs & Bill Gates – Computer Heroes

Jacob raised a good question regarding a slide I posted during Thursday’s lecture labeling Steve Jobs and Bill Gates “computer heroes.” Sure they were big shots and influential, but why call them “heroes”? I replied that this was in reference to cultural texts that see them as heroic for their role in innovation and promised to provide some examples as evidence.

Here are some examples of the the kinds of texts I was referring to:

Steve Jobs is a Modern Engineering Hero (with picture)

Who is Your hero? Steve jobs? Gandhi?

Steve Jobs: The Modern American Hero

Apple’s Remembering Steve page, featuring many “hero” references

Mark Zuckerberg: Bill Gates was my childhood hero

Why Bill Gates is a Hero and Donald Trump is a Zero

A Wired article about the book, Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution by Steve Levy, which featured a young Bill Gates prominently


About Marisa R. Brandt

Always thinking about how cultural meaning-making and knowledge-production go hand-in-hand. I completed my Ph.D. in Communication and Science Studies at UCSD in May 2013. My dissertation, War, Trauma, and Technologies of the Self: The Making of Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy, is a biography of a virtual reality system called Virtual Iraq/Afghanistan which was designed to aid therapists in making their war veteran patients re-experience their traumatic experiences in order to overcome them. I am also a freelance writer, editor, and comics creator, a homebody and an adventurer. I care a lot about people and things.
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