What’s your IQ?

If you would like to check out your answers on more of the questions, here is a link to the short practice test version of the Welscher intelligence test for children (WISC), which we looked at in class. Malcolm Gladwell argues that the WISC is one of the tests where we can see the Flynn Effect–the slow apparent annual rise in IQ test scores around the world. Perhaps people are not actually getting smarter, but with globalization, are instead just becoming more and more familiar with the kinds of thinking being judged by tests like the WISC. If this is the case, is it accurate to call such tests measures of intelligence in the first place?

WISC Practice Test July 2012-1


About Marisa R. Brandt

Always thinking about how cultural meaning-making and knowledge-production go hand-in-hand. I completed my Ph.D. in Communication and Science Studies at UCSD in May 2013. My dissertation, War, Trauma, and Technologies of the Self: The Making of Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy, is a biography of a virtual reality system called Virtual Iraq/Afghanistan which was designed to aid therapists in making their war veteran patients re-experience their traumatic experiences in order to overcome them. I am also a freelance writer, editor, and comics creator, a homebody and an adventurer. I care a lot about people and things.
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