Documentary film review essays

Here are a few examples of essays that review controversial documentary films. All of the essays are fairly short, providing a good model for the length of the essay you are writing. They are all also valuable because they do not only review the film’s aesthetic qualities, but consider them as communication tools that are making arguments and have a social significance and impact.

The first two are about Kony 2012.  The rest are about the global warming film, An Inconvenient Truth.

Mark Drumbal “Child Soldiers and Clicktivism: Justice, Myths, and Prevention” J Human Rights Practice (2012) 4 (3): 481-485.

David Hickman “Jason and the Internauts” J Human Rights Practice (2012) 4 (3): 475-480.

Jenna Coriddi “An Inconvenient Truth.” Policy and Practice. (2008) 6

Eric J. Steig “Another Look at An Inconvenient Truth” GeoJournal (2007) 70 (1): 5-9

Roy W. Spencer “An Inconvenient Truth: Blurring the lines between science and science fiction” GeoJournal (2007) 70 (1): 11-14


About Marisa R. Brandt

Always thinking about how cultural meaning-making and knowledge-production go hand-in-hand. I completed my Ph.D. in Communication and Science Studies at UCSD in May 2013. My dissertation, War, Trauma, and Technologies of the Self: The Making of Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy, is a biography of a virtual reality system called Virtual Iraq/Afghanistan which was designed to aid therapists in making their war veteran patients re-experience their traumatic experiences in order to overcome them. I am also a freelance writer, editor, and comics creator, a homebody and an adventurer. I care a lot about people and things.
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  1. Good list of science and technology information source, thanks.

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