Gender & Science News Round-up

Jeannie did some news research and found a bunch of interesting articles related to issues we’ve been discussing in the course, especially regarding :
Last week, we talked about how there the data showed the increasing leaks of women continuing on their study in STEM.  One of our speaker, Chelsea also voiced out her plans on having a family. This article from Huffington Post has listed out the five main reasons why women are dropping out.
NATURE, the science journal also had a similar article concerning the gender bias and leak.  Unequal pay, discrimination and funding problems were all obstacles that women in STEM faces and causes them to drop-off.
A few weeks ago, we mentioned ‘brogrammers’, here are some more data on the percentage of female directors working in the Silicon Valley versus the percentage of female directors in the 100 big public companies in US.  The result shows the lack of women in the executive positions and that tech companies are sexist.
This interesting post shows how toys nowadays are even more gender stereotyped than how it was.  A lego ad in 1981 had a girl dressing in blue jeans holding on to legos happily, it is resisting the hegemony of only associating legos with boys.  Similar to how lego has changed its package to target young girls,  Many cartoon characters had changed their look to make it more feminized.  Such as, the Strawberry Shortcake character used to have short curls, and now, she has long wavy hair.
This is a recent news report from ABC on the issue of SAT.  SAT will make changes in 2016 to try to be more equal to people of different backgrounds.  So SAT prep courses that cheat the SAT will no longer serves as privilege to students with a rich background.  They are also ditching the usage of difficult vocabularies in tests and include passages that are
better known and commonly used in the working place.


About Marisa R. Brandt

Always thinking about how cultural meaning-making and knowledge-production go hand-in-hand. I completed my Ph.D. in Communication and Science Studies at UCSD in May 2013. My dissertation, War, Trauma, and Technologies of the Self: The Making of Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy, is a biography of a virtual reality system called Virtual Iraq/Afghanistan which was designed to aid therapists in making their war veteran patients re-experience their traumatic experiences in order to overcome them. I am also a freelance writer, editor, and comics creator, a homebody and an adventurer. I care a lot about people and things.
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