Course Policies

  1. Attendance: Attendance and punctuality in lecture is required. Attendance will be taken and absence from more than two lectures will result in a minimum 1/3-letter grade drop for the course, with subsequent absences incurring additional penalty. Any student who misses 10 lectures will automatically fail the course. Late arrival and leaving early will count as absences unless cleared in advance with the professor.
  2. Late work: Assignments will be docked by 1/3 of a grade for each day late, unless the student has cleared an extension with the professor a minimum of 36 hours prior to the deadline.
  3. Preparedness: Bring all assigned texts to the meeting for which they have been assigned. Discussion is generally richer when we can refer to the text.
  4. Respectfulness: The course will involve classroom participation in which we discuss politically and ideological fraught topics. Be open-minded and engaged. Respect the opinions and personal predilections of others. If you find yourself being a silent spectator, make a goal to speak once a week. If you find yourself speaking multiple times a lecture, sit back and open the floor to others.
  5. Technology: Laptops and tablets are allowed for taking notes, accessing course materials, and doing research related to the seminar. Use of these technologies for any other purpose will result in the revocation of this privilege. Please turn off all other electronics during lecture so you don’t end up being that person frantically shuffling through your bag while your phone happily plays a tune.
  6. Office Hours: My office hours will be on Mondays from 11-11:50 am and 3-3:50 pm, with the exception of the afternoon of January 13th and all day January 20th (MLK Day). I will generally be in my office during that time, but would appreciate if you let me know if you are planning to come to office hours, either in person or by email. In addressing matters related to the course, I strongly prefer that you come to office hours rather than email me questions, because what may seem like a little question may actually lead to a much more interesting conversation about the course material.
  7. Email Policy: Use email when only email will get the job done. If you have an administrative question please double-check the syllabus first. If the information is not there and you decide to email me, be sure that you email must includes “COMM114G” or “Gender & Science” somewhere in the subject line and your name in the body of the email. I will answer all properly addressed email within 24 hours. That said, I will never discuss grades over email: if you do not like your grade, you must come to office hours or schedule an appointment.
  8. Disability Assistance: To obtain services from the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD), you must apply to that office directly. For more information, check the OSD website @ or call 858.534.4382 (Voice) or 858.534.9709 (TTY). Please let me know what my own role in facilitating your access to the course will be and I will do my absolute best to ensure this.
  9. Academic Integrity: You will be held to the UCSD Policy on Integrity of Scholarship. Please review this at If one of your papers violates the academic integrity policy—for example, by including un-cited passages taken from an online source or turning in a past student paper—you will fail the assignment. If this happens twice, you will fail the course.

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