Week 1: What has gender to do with cognitive abilities?
Tues 1/7 Why so few women in science & engineering?  Slides: Week 1-Introduction
Thurs 1/9 Can girls’ brains do math? Slides:Week 1-GenderBrain&Cogition     Schiebinger, The Mind Has No Sex? Introduction and chapter 1             Handout: IntroandChapter1–SchiebingerTheMindHasNoSex
Week 2: The Summers controversy and media coverage
Tues 1/14 Harvard president’s statement on women’s intelligence & success in science. Slides: Week 2-SummersControversy             Larry Summers’ speech and news coverage of Summers’ speech                SUMMERS’ REMARKS ON WOMEN DRAW FIRE (Boston Globe),,1392808,00.html               
Thurs 1/16 Media frames and essentialism in gender discussions Slides: Week 2-NewsFramesPhyllis A. Anastasio, Karen C. Rose and Judith Chapman, “Can the Media Create Public Opinion? A Social-Identity Approach” Current Directions in Psychological Science, Vol. 8, No. 5 (Oct., 1999), pp. 152-155                    Susanna Hornig Priest, “Cloning: A study in news production” Public Understanding of Science, Vol. 10, (2001), pp. 59-69             Cherylon Robinson and Lawrence Alfred Powell, “The Postmodern Politics of Context Definition: Competing Reality Frames in the Hill-Thomas Spectacle” The Sociological Quarterly, Vol. 37, No. 2 (Spring, 1996), pp. 279-305
Week 3: Historical evidence about women in science, part I
Tues 1/21 Women in the Ancient WorldGuest Lecturer:Chandra Mukerji Margaret Alic, Hypatia’s Heritage. Beacon, 1986
, chs. 2-3 (pdf) Alic-HypatiasHeritageMHNS, ch. 2                     Handout: Week 3 -Tues Reading Handout-2
Thurs 1/23 Science as a woman/the scientist as a man Slides: Week 3-ScientistAsManMHNS, chs. 3-4
Week 4: Historical evidence about women in science, part II
Tues 1/28 Domestication of women & masculinization of science Week 4-MasculinizationOfScienceMHNS, ch. 5Ann Shteir. “Gender and ‘Modern’ Botany in Victorian England.” Orisis Vol 12 Women, Gender and Science: New Directions (1997), pp.
Thurs 1/30 Cultural and organizational foundations of science as masculine Week 4-OrgFoundationsMHNS ch 6Naomi Oreskes, “Objectivity or Heroism? On the Invisibility of Women in Science” Osiris, Vol. 11, Science in the Field (1996), pp. 87-113
Week 5: Masculinity and trust in science
Tues 2/4 Watch: “Naturally Obsessed” First Paper Due
Thurs 2/6 Gender-role narratives in science Slides – Week5-ScienceStorytellingSharon Traweek, “Pilgrim’s Progress: Male Tales Told During a Life in Physics” Beamtimes and Lifetimes” Harvard, 1988, pp. 74-105 Traweek-BeamtimesCh3Emily Martin “The Egg and the Sperm: How Science has Constructed a Romance Based on Stereotypical Male-Female Roles.” Signs. Vol 16, No 3 (1991), pp 485-501
Week 6: Mileva Einstein & the question of scientific authorship
Tues 2/11 Watch: “Einstein’s Wife”
Thurs 2/13 Questions of authorship in science Slides: Week6-ScienceAuthorshipEd Hutchins “Distributed Cognition” Hutchins-DistributedCognitionNicholas Cozzarelli, “Responsible Authorship of papers in PNAS” Stello, “Why Defend Einstein’s Reputation?” (pdf)Stello Maric 8-11
Week 7: Cognitive differences & social processes
Tues 2/18 Stereotype threat and cognition Slides: Week 7-StereotypeThreatJohns, Schmader and Martens,  “Knowing is Half the Battle.” Psych Sci. 16(3): 175-179             Spencer, Steele and Quinn  “Stereotype Threat and Women’s Math Performance.” Journal of Experimental Psychology 35, 4-28 Malcom Gladwell “None of the Above”
Thurs 2/20 Complementarity and variability Slides: Week 7-Complementarity&VariabilityCarol Gilligan, “In a different voice”            MHNS ch. 8
Week 8: Educational practices & gender differences, part 1
Tues 2/25 American schools & history of US gender relations Slides: Week 8-US SchoolsSadker, Sadker, and Zittleman, Still Failing at Fairness chs. 1-2 
Thurs 2/27 Learning gender in the classroom SFAF, chs 3-4
Week 9: Educational practices & gender differences, part 2
Tues 3/4 Guest Panel –GradWISE, Women in Science & Engineering PAPER 2 DUE
Thurs 3/6 Gender in school testing and higher education Slides: Week9-Testing&HigherEdSFAF, chs 6-7

Handout: COMM 114G Handout

Week 10: Rethinking practices of knowledge-making
Tues 3/11 Epistemic standpoint theory & gendered knowledge slides:Week10-StandpointEpistemology

Sally Kohlstedt and Helen Longino, “The Women, Gender, and Science Question: What Do Research on Women in Science and Research on Gender and Science Have to Do with Each Other?” Osiris, Vol. 12 (1997), pp. 3-15            MHNS 10

Thurs 3/13 Underdetermination, and matters of concern  Slides: Week10-MattersofFact
Thurs 3/20 Final Exam FINAL PAPERS DUE 7 PM

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