Course Info

Instructor: Dr. Marisa Brandt
Office Hours: Mon 11-11:50 am and 3-3:50 pm
Office: CSB 239
Course Time: Tue & Thur 5:00 – 6:20pm
Seminar Location: WLH 2111
Section ID: 793705

Course Description

This course will focus on arguments about cognitive differences between men and women in science and engineering fields. How can we explain the current gendered achievement gap in science and engineering fields? Are male and female brains inherently different? We will explore the answers to these questions and the evidence used to support them. We will review current arguments about essential differences and research studies on gender-based cognitive differences, historical beliefs about gender attributes and cognitive ability, and gender socialization into patterns of learning in school. As part of this work, we will also investigate theoretical approaches to the understanding of gender as itself a scientific endeavor.

Required Readings

In this course we will read the majority of two books and a number of articles. The two required books are:

  • Londa Schiebinger, The Mind Has No Sex? Harvard 1991
  • David & Myra Sadker and Karen Zittleman, Still Failing at Fairness. Scribner, 2009

The one recommended, but not required book is an excellent and well-researched graphic novel:

  • Jim Ottaviani, Dignifying Science: Stories About Women Scientists, GT Labs 2009

All remaining required readings are available online. Please read all required materials prior to the course for which they are assigned.


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